A glimpse is all we need.

Unleashing the full potential of facial recognition.


Every individual is unique and so are your biometrics. Current state of the art technology can see and detect if you are in fact yourself.
That is enormous. It makes life easy, safe and convenient. Applications are endless. Acces control, ticketing, hospitality, security, loyalty, schools, domotica, smart cities, personalisation, and much much more.


COMPO brings facial recognition solutions as a partner of 20face. 20face offers an enrollment and privacy management platform that ensures privacy to our users that results into safety, security, comfort and/or convenience. It is even safer than any other system because it needs your actual physical presence. You cannot enter a stadium and be in your car at the same time. It is an enroll once, enjoy endlessly system that is completely at your service. To our believe this is the only way for biometric recognition to reach its full potential.


Our products are Privacy by design. You are in control. Period. That is how it works.

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