Endless possibilities

Every individual is unique and so are your biometrics. Current state of the art technology can see and detect if you are in fact yourself. That is enormous. It makes life easy, safe and convenient. Applications are endless. Acces control, ticketing, hospitality, security, loyalty, schools, domotica, smart cities, personalisation and much much more.

It is even safer than any other system because it needs your actual physical presence. You cannot enter a stadium and be in your car at the same time. It is an enroll once, enjoy endlessly system that is completely at your service. To our believe this is the only way for biometric recognition to reach its full potential.

Access Control

Access just with your face to an event, a football stadium, a building, a meetingroom… All this with only 1 account that lets you manage all your access applications! COMPO has a long history in registration solutions and this feature just makes it… unique!

HR Solution

Time registration of your staff through facial recognition software! Easy, secure (GDPR Proof) and accurate! Link this with our Countable HR system and you can do your staff administration with your eyes closed!

SaaS Environment

Fully utilizing the benefits of an ultra-safe SaaS environment makes it possible to log into your system from any location at any time… with your face. Leaving your workplace even ensures a lockdown of your computer! Your face is the key!


This is how it works

  • You enroll yourself in the system and you and only you decide where you can be recognised.
  • You have an app in which you set these permissions.
  • Enrolling means you upload your photo and we derive the facial vectors from that.
  • Your photo is deleted and your facial vectors are encrypted.
  • Your face is linked to your personal vault.
  • That vault is extremely secure and protected by Distibuted Ledger Technology.
  • So your data is safe in your vault to which you hold the key next to your unique biometrics that provide you access.
  • No one but you can enter your vault since your matching biometrics are also in your vault together with your personal data and the camera’s, domains and places you have allowed to recognise you.